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Immediate Opening for Oracle data base security engineer


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Database Security Engineer


Security engineer for Oracle EBS application  stack who has base understanding of the architecture and security model of each component, with an ability to drill down, investigate, develop fix and tes

You should understand the principles behind configuration management tools, good coding skills that allow you to develop and test mitigations, consistently and efficiently.  

Tech skills


·         Proficient in (one or several of the following areas)


o    Pre packaged Application security (ERP, EBS preferable)

§  SQL/PLSQL injection (from Web/Forms) detection and analysis

§  Example area: Definer and invoker execution rights

§  DB & OS configuration changes impact analysis

§  Security Changes execution following strict/long change/testing cycles

o    DB/WebLogic/Apex hardening. e.g.

§  Cross site scripting

§  Cookies

o    Reverse Proxies setup for security filtering

o    General security concepts

§  Vulnerabilities analysis

§  Encryption

§  Secrets management (certificates, passwords, etc)

§  Auditing and logging (on OS, DB, Apps Levels

Specific components include:

WebLogic:  Security realms, authentication mechanisms, session management


EBS core: EBS permission model, AutoConfig, patching, responsibility assignment, SSO integration, passwords and changes

Java:  JSPs, indirect calls between JSPs, Java sandbox model, classpaths, JAR/WAR packaging

Database: SQL injection, Oracle permission model, PL/SQL security, TNS security/authentication, DB auditing

Linux:  file permissions, process permissions, auditd, security frameworks like SELinux/AppArmor/Grsecurity

Network:  ACLs, the TCP/IP protocol stack, tracing tools, VLANs, state management

Apex: security model, password management, SQL injection

Web services: load balancing, ***** servers, Apache mod_security, virtual hosts


Soft skills


Self driven team player

Take directions from Tech Leads and put execution plan together with minimal supervision.

can suggesting/implementing creative solutions

 Thanks & Regards

[email protected]

346-444-2663 Extn 414


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