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Bitcoin lo invest chesa..

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16 minutes ago, Batman_fan said:

There are  huge differences across exchanges, which means huge opportunities for arbitrage. One can buy in one exchange and sell in another for profit. This reason alone is enough to say markets need correction. 

nuvu kona  anuko instant delivery evadu chestunadu sell ki?

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2 hours ago, Batman_fan said:

I would have invested If i had the money. But I am living paycheck-to-paycheck and have better investments. I almost bought it when it was 2.5K. But backed out because I had to pay my tuition. 

No matter what kind of investment it is, follow this rule - as long as the losses in the investment do not impact your quality of lifestyle, you can take gamble. 

@Batman_fan This is a bubble dude, it's a good thing you didn't invest in it. You made a far more important investment in the form of your higher education which you will reap the rewards for in the long term. Ilanti speculative bubbles ostuntayi potuntayi. 

I can't even commit to making a long term investment of the sort you did, so anduke I was toying with the idea of putting some money into this. Ayina as I thought earlier, looks like it's too late atleast as far as BTC is concerned. Maybe other alternative crypto currencies. 

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