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Need suggestions on NOID case (

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H1 extension apply chesa this month March ( i have 1 yr h1 left and i140 approved)  and got NOID from us**s , saying that is not either public or non-profit uni. Nenu already Murthy law n rammineni law (appointment tesukunna, inka discuss cheyyala vaalatho) n my attorney tho discuss chestuna what are my options ani......

but just want to know from u guys that, ee case lo what are options i have ani. please let me know if u or ur friends gone through same kind of situation. 

1. Naa current h1 valid until 06/05 (already expired but as my application still with us**s kabatti , i can stay here)  - ee case lo nenu vere employer ki transfer avvacha? 

2. As my i140 is approved , "EAD for compelled reasons" ani option okati vundi ? dani meeda emina info vunda meeku evarikina or any one used it?

3. let's say naa NOID ki answer chesaka approve aithe (i know very narrow and had <1% chance)  or nenu h1 transfer chesukoni , adi approve aithe -  next year April 2019 cap lo new h1 file chesi in regular quota, and adi approve aithe maracha new h1 ki?

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