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My name is Shekar Reddy and I'm into playing musical instruments ever since I was a kid. I play mobile apps, Synthesizer, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Drums, etc. Music is my passion and producing music on-the-go using mobile devices and apps is my obsession.

I've posted FULL cover songs on my YouTube channel showing keyboard notes of some super hit songs using accurate and expressive playing. You can playback my songs at HALF speed or QUARTER speed and play along and learn music. I'll post SLOW versions of these songs soon so that should also help you with learning. Mobile Music channel is all about learning to play, produce and share music using hardware instruments, mobile devices, mobile apps and gear as a hobby for self-fulfillment and self-enrichment. What is life without music, anyway?

My branded YouTube channel is at -

Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale instrumental cover

Bharat Ane Nenu title song instrumental cover

Choosi Chudangane instrumental cover

MCA Title Song instrumental cover

Yentha Sakkagunnave instrumental cover

Also checkout other cover song videos on my channel:

As you can see, I shoot for accuracy because songs sound great when they are accurate. Please Subscribe, Like, add to your Playlists, Share, Comment and let me know what other songs you would like to learn. That would encourage me to produce more tutorial cover songs.

Hope this helps...

Shekar Reddy
Mobile Music

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