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GFE experience service escort Ahmedabad

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one costumer  of   some words  for me.........

 I saw silpa   the beautiful last night  GFE experience service escort Ahmedabad    top services I must say, I don't normally bother to comment but this chick was top notch!!!! Verrry hot & sexy, her service beats any Ive had in a long time, I felt like I was a king for an hour, I must say go see her by all means, The best Ive had in many tried & failed attempts to find "The One" Believe me she's worth every penny... I extended with her like 3 times I didnt want her to leave, I love you Honey youre in the right industry!!! We will meet again silpa .mam .  I opened it and invited silpa in. She was a large, curvy, very exotic looking woman in her 20s with the largest and sexiest natural bust I had ever been close to. I offered her a drink .  It felt like mind could literally feel the tension and pains from the long flight leave my body. She had me turn over, and repeated the procedure but this time with a lighter and more erotic touch. By the time she got to my groin it didnt take too much effort from her magic fingers for me to explode into my promised happy ending! My hour with Athena wasnt quite finished. She excused herself to the bathroom and in less than three minutes she returned to my bedside and told me she had run a hot bubble bath. I walked with her to the bathroom and she invited me to climb into the bath. I lay back with my eyes closed, enjoying the hot water and the sensation of silpa rubbing the soap into a lather, all over my body. The whole experience was so pleasurable that I plan to make a habit of calling silpa to soothe herwith her hot body whenever I fly into ahmedabad . I genuinely recommend the service  . Gorgeous, fair skinned very busty with long glossy brown hair and the biggest, most gorgeous firm natural bust that I've ever been fortunate enough to put my hands on. Her body was all woman hourglass - I could get lost in those curves! . She was laid back, relaxing company and very accommodating - not a chatterbox, the saying still waters run deep applies with this woman - she made me feel like a long lost lover, so easy to talk to plus she really put me at my ease. Im definitely going to book a repeat performance and will make sure that next time I have enough time to book her for longer .  My Best Erotic Sensual  Ever ! With a start I realized that this girl knew exactly what she was doing. She was a master of her craft. She was exploring my body\'s reactions. She knew every part of me. silpa  the name of the girl with the most beautiful curvy body shape  in 

BDSM Service escort Ahmedabad

, sparkling green eyes and God... I totally let myself go and surrendered my body to this tantalising tigress. I felt blessed.
 Tall and striking, silpa is instantly pleasing to the eye. Slim but not skinny, lovely shapely figure, pretty face- I was very happy and that was just first impressions. We started to get to know one another and she was easy to talk to . I wasnt disappointed she left me completely satisfied and tingling from head to toes. silpa is a delightful companion, pretty, warm friendly and sexy. I was very happy with my chosen lady.
 Erotic sex by a gorgeous woman delivered to your front door what a great idea!!! I had  come to my hotel after a long and boring day attending a conference. She turned up looking fabulous and I could hardly wait to feel her curvy body and ample breasts all over me. The reality certainly didnt disappoint. The sensual sensation of soft oiled skin sliding against me was mind blowing. All gloomy thoughts of work vanished in a flash and I was left as relaxed and satisfied. Definitely an experience to repeat.


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