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WFL- boringggggggggggg


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Waste movie

Assam movie.  Konda Anna Neeku mind minginda Next Puri tho. Iddari over action bharinchaali Inka next movie lo   

Hahahah u enjoy what u like anamata sometimes I do that too .. I watch crappy movies for fun lol

2 minutes ago, dasari4kntr said:

genuine review..from genuine audience...

Dragggg and slow pace .. I want to get out of the theater

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51 minutes ago, Amrita said:

Trailer normally chudani nenu chusa and light tesukunna..Yay  ^^

Trailer chusi okay chudochu emo anukunna akka .. reviews chusaka kuda naku nachudemo ani vella .. em ledhu mv lo :( boringggg

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52 minutes ago, galiraju said:

dont know what that is....my day is going no where Tg-vCrAhpbgs8dAGYQshEyoEJC3jxyKWeW-uihXK

Emaindi god?? Valentines day kadha wife ni dinner ki teskelaledhaa??

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4 minutes ago, BeautyQueen said:

Hehhee thank u ellen hahaha nuvu chusava

No nen trailer kuda chudale 🤣🤣title chuse VD Inka Arjun reddy hangover Lane unnadu Ani light teeskuna

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