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Marriage between first cousins per se illegal under the Hindu Marriage Act, observes Punjab and Haryana High Court

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She is your sister

Lokesh , Brahmani also first cousins kadha ? 

mee mohal manda.. vache 4-5 matrimony matches kuda pelli ayye varaku eppudu evadini teeskochi veede naa bf antaro ani tension.. daniki thodu ippudu idi kudana.. tagalabettandi niranjangaru


mana deggara Br!tish kalam lo vunna thuppu pattina Laws inka vunnayi...

Aa laws thirigesthae.. 90% of Indian marriages illegal avuthayi emo...

We!rd laws in Ind google chesthae .. Kuppalu theppalu vunnayi..

Oka Common Person ni Jail lo easy ga pampinchavachu.. Oka Hardc0re Criinal ni easy ga Bail mida Baitaki thesuku raavochu

How many know.. Its illegal to Fly Kite without Aircraft License in India.. Sankranthi ki entha mandhi Violate chesthunnaru

Flying a kite

As per the Indian Aircraft Act, 1934, you need a permit to fly an aircraft. ... However, it is illegal to fly a kite in India without a permit. As per the Indian Aircraft Act, 1934, you need a permit to fly an aircraft

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54 minutes ago, Iriswest said:

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ika naina kula gajji maanite manchidi. Bavalni annayya antam nerchukondamma. Also evaru lekapoina maradalu undi ga cheskotaniki ane dheema vadileyandi.

What if your mardal is too hot to handle

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Punjab and hariyana high court thirpu adhi... SC thirpu kadhu

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most of north lo already cheskoru, they treat all cousins like sisters/brothers. vallaki mardal tho pelli ante adavi janalani chusinattu chustaru.

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