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Enti Dinner Plans??

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paaya and Roti

Home made Jilebi (Nene chesina)      


Chicken mukka vudukuthundhi bro 

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9 minutes ago, NYCpal said:

Spicy tofu recipe please 

emo bro.. adigithey malli help cheyamantaru.. ilanti times lo silence ee correct.. online chala recipe lu vuntayi Google cheyi bro.. 

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Anta Assamey
54 minutes ago, ZoomNaidu said:

Idly anta - so deadly 😰😰


21 minutes ago, MRI said:

Garlic noodles, baked potato fries, and spicy tofu anta. 

Ee "anta" enti meeku teliyada...Brahmi-2_1.gif?1337103173

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13 minutes ago, nokia123 said:

Panner tikka, garlic naan, egg biriyani  and gulab jamun with icecream 

My Indian Togo order would be the same 

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Coarse flour made of hulled grains that are milled or steel-cut with some delicious spreading and fruit toppings on it.

Simple gaa cheppalaante oat meal with fruit toppings on it. 😄

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