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1 minute ago, kidney said:

aa area lo river vundae anta kaka some 15 Yrs back.. water/ drainage aapesaka.. Dry/ [email protected] lo illu kattukunnaru anta.

P.S: as per my friend from local KKP

20-25 yendla kinda, ada vignan hostel vuntadi..nizampet-bachupally road kada...guttala kinda pedda cheruvu vuntunde...chala pedda cheruvu...enda kalam vaste besthollaki panduga..

ipudu avi emi levu ada...gutta paaye, cheruvu paaye..

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Just now, DesiPokiri said:

ee zamana lo kuda kabza lu avthu untai, endho dora gadu

10-15 yrs back kaka.. KKP lo IDL cheruvu to Balanagar IDLP to musi connect vunedhi..

Dora, Baboru, YSR antae - long story aiythadhi...    Kabza before 2014 aiyyindhi, after 2014 kuda avuthandhi.. Just example cheppa.. inka enni constuctions aiyyayo andhukae Monna rain ki Hyd low areas muniginayi

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3 minutes ago, Sachin200 said:

Kukatpally ekkuva Andhra vallu Ani TS opinion emo !

Oho enta antarardham unda . Vakey got it !

3 minutes ago, Thokkalee said:

Akkada unnadi andaru Andhra vallu ani kavi bhavam...


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