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Btc 50k

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E sari kodutundi ani naku gatti nammakam..let's watch next 2 weeks

Next week lo 41k datakapothe back to 20s

9 hours ago, AndhraneedSCS said:

Boat meeda ekkuva load veyyaku... Munigipoddi 

Ha ha ..koncham load cheddham baa...maree munigelaaga kakunda  

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35 minutes ago, Narcos said:

it will hit 52k and pull back again

How do you determine bro..just wild guess or emina data chustava ? 

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On 1/13/2021 at 2:18 PM, Sreeven said:

Reading some news..I used to follow some analysts from past 4 years.

Post them here..we will follow too

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8 hours ago, nokia123 said:

End of the year ki 80-100k pacca 

Alane vundi motham a mccafee gadila lepi e sari musk gadu do help vunnadu..we should be careful this time 

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Musk help bokka ledhu maa...big corporations mottham low lo koni pettukunnayi ippudu pumping ki anni bayata peduthunnaru...


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