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Urgent —- Lake Travis near Austin people Missing


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4 hours ago, Swatkat said:

Ooooo 210 feet ah? Vammo chala dangerous

Stagnant water untay entha lothu unna telvadhu mana India chruvulu laga ... ekada lakes flowing untadhi rivers laga so very dangerous ... 

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31 minutes ago, iddaritho said:

That is scary , I never understand how swimmers who can actually swim and float drown 

I consider myself a very good swimmer and saved an adult male from drowning in 12 feet pool when I was in college 

I personally think the fear of drowning kills people and don’t use common sense to float 

or may be they are stuck in whirlpool or quick sand or some thing like that  or may be tree branches 


we went to beach yesterday , even though I can care for my kid , I went to place where there was a life guard and swam there and made sure we didn’t go waist below and was always behind my kid 
i see some white families leave their kid in the shore with out supervision or supervising from far 



I am also moderate swimmer ... beaches and flowing lakes like Michigan lo waves pull hard so sudden ga mana body respond avadhu  kinda edaina rayii thagilina and waves might be high so oopiri adaka chastahru ... it’s for swimmers

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Guys, koncham please sensible the matladandi. If meeku kudhirite news spread chesi rescue operation ki help cheyyandi anthe kani negative comments cheyyakandi. Miss aiena vaalu meeku telisina vaalu anukoni respond avvandi. Ee situation lo unna vaalaki kuda oka family anedi untadi meeru chese comments vaalani ntha ibandhi pedtayo chusi comments veyyandi.

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So 3 people were at scene and both missing were found? Or one is yet to be found as it says “Body recovered of 2nd swimmer that went missing

Just before 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Austin-Travis EMS responded to a water rescue near the Hudson Bend area after one swimmer was declared deceased at the scene, despite giving life-saving measures, and a second swimmer was reported still missing. Lake Travis Fire and Rescue and STAR Flight combined their recovery efforts by 3:24 p.m. A third patient who was possibly involved sustained non-life-threatening injuries and refused medical treatment.

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