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Paying off mortgage early


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2 hours ago, mirchi_bajji said:

bank account lo money undatam waste. if you cant invest in other stuff then pay off the mortgage. if you can invest , then keep it as is. keep money in index stocks if you dont know where to invest. all the best.

Throw light ūüí° plz

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49 minutes ago, Sarvapindi said:

Throw light ūüí° Plz

Mitta madyanam enda laga clear ga unte malli light veyyamante emanali?


Use the money to buy SPY(tracks S&P 500). Usually SPY returns about 7% per year.

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Money is all about psychological safety.

If you value feeling this is my f****g house and can get you good night sleep. Pay off.

If you are ok with taking risks, then don't pay off. 

It all depends on you. What you value and what how your hard earned money serve you.

Again don't invest because some anonymous person advised you to do so in some anonymous forum

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