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Eddy's post lu raledu ani feel avvoddu : kona raghupati


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1 minute ago, ticket said:

Eedu inka pamper chestunnadu.. Tokalani.. Post lu takkuvayyayi ani

Ee kula gajji ycp party gallu malli vere vallaki gajji undhi ani cheppdam is comedy

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endhi ee qwamedy...

prathi oka reddii khulapodiki edho okati chesaaadu gaaa maa jnaaaal sir....Bewarse Talk Discussion Board: Gaali Janardhan Vs RCT yevaru best?


gajjiii andhu reddiii gajjji veru ayyaaa

vishwadhaaabiii raaaamaa vemanaaa redddii ey kadha maaama



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