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It is broken system. The backlash that government gets from ROW if they remove the quota system outweighs the problems that H1s are facing with existing system. Unless h1 mass departures happen, no one cares. That won’t happen because we are getting dollars no matter what our status is and we are happy with that to be honest. 

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1 hour ago, Jilchika said:

Edit too much


Edi chala too much kaka . Evaraina personal details ante oppose cheyyalsinde. 

Same oka USA senator ni kuda personal attack cheyatam thappu 

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3 hours ago, Repo said:

Ade kada fun miss avuthundi. Anyway hearing ante bill bokkalu anni bayata padathayi. Final ga Indian only bill ani decide chestharu. 

Maa @H4ead Bill emayindi? Appatlo full hulchul nadichindi revoke @H4ead ani... Andaru marchipoyara?

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