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Help - gofund daily thread - helping the needy


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*Help And Prayers To Fight Brain Cancer!* 

Hi,My name is Alkrit Dhiman and I'm raising funds for my sister. Hereafter, my Aunt will address you all.Hello! This is Sheetal Singh and I'm a small entrepreneur in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. We had a small and happy family of my three daughters and my husband, Abhishek Chauhan, who runs a small transportation business. Everything was going well, until a tragedy hit us.The TragedyOne week ago, My 2nd daughter, Harshika Chauhan, sudd...

*Read more* - https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/help-and-prayers-to-help-fight-brain-cancer?utm_medium=whatsappShare&utm_content=1b09a052e86346cd5ef016590d8bb4d7&shby=1&utm_source=campaigner&utm_campaign=help-and-prayers-to-help-fight-brain-cancer

*Donate Now to help Alkrit Dhiman* - 
This is one of my friends known friend daughter... diagnosed with brain cancer...
if we can contribute whatever possible n share within other groups i am sure the total amount can be easily collected...

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I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe.

*Flying "Sravya kalepu's" body to India*

We are sad to share the heart breaking news of sudden demise of Sravya Kalepu in an accident in Austin on 19th September 2020 at 6 PM in the evening.…

Read more here https://www.gofundme.com/f/flying-quotshravya-kalepu039squot-body?utm_source=whatsapp-visit&utm_medium=chat&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

Forward this message to your contacts to help this campaign reach its goal!

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Asking for prayers for a young 12year old boy Raj(Bunny)who has chronic kidney disease and want a kidney donor. He is “O” blood group. Please pray that a donor is found soon for this boy.
He is  lives in Tampa. Please also keep the family in your prayers.🙏
[Requested from my friend..☝️🙏🏻
Raj was diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease). Since he is in stage 5 of the condition, both of his kidneys are working less than 10% and he is on dialysis 2 to 3 times a week and because of his young age, the dialysis makes him extremely weak. He was one of the most active kids both at home and outside. He is a second-degree black-belt in karate and participates in many school activities and sports, but now cannot attend school. He now needs to undergo a kidney transplant as soon as possible to get back to his normal life.

We need your help, and I know it’s big to ask from anyone, but I would do anything for my brother. We are currently looking for a match that is willing and able to donate a kidney and you can swipe to see some of the requirements to be a donor for him. A living donor’s kidney’s life span is about 20 years, whereas one from a deceased donor is 10 years. In Raj's case, this will let him have a normal life until he is 32 before going through this process again. Most importantly, the acceptance rate for a live kidney is greater and usually gives benefits almost immediately.

A lot of great information on the process can be found on the Tampa General website at the link in my bio.

If you think you are a good match, please reach out to any of us for more information. Please share this post and spread the word to your friends and family, and keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Thank you so much!

Mom: [email protected] or (813)-748-7235
Dad: [email protected] or (813)-995-4815
Me: [email protected] or (813)-428-2728"

Please see the following pictures for the requirements. If you can, please help this family and spread the word. Hoping that he finds a kidney ASAP🙏🏽

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My friend in need of blood Group A+, A-, O-. Can you arrange some in Hyderabad? His father is on ECMO he needs 6 units. Contact me / Shivam at +919063428716.

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My name is Abha Anchawale and I am raising funds for my mother, Varsha Suhas Anchawale who is suffering from Interstitial lung disease (ILD) and desperately needs a lung transplant. The family has done all it can to collect the total amount required for the treatment but our funds are not enough. Interstitial Lung Disease is a part of group of disorders that cause progressive scarring of lung tissue. As an effect of the disease, a significant amount of her lungs has already undergone complete and irreversible fibrosis, making it severely difficult for her to breathe. Through the years of her suffering, the cause of this disease has remained unknown and as a result, the damage has kept on progressing.


“You need to learn to live with my absence” is what she says to us everyday because she is unaware if she will live through the night. She stays in bed all day not familiar with what the outside of 4 walls looks like anymore. She cannot even walk till the washroom. Breathing, the primary requirement for life, is now impossible without external oxygen support. She was diagnosed with this disease in 2010 when she was hospitalized and kept in the ICU for over a week. She has been battling this disease every single day since and has not been able to live a normal life.


For 10 years her life has been medicines, injections and intensive care. As her condition became worse, about 3 years ago, she was put on external oxygen support for 12 hr/day. She was again hospitalized in August 2020 and remained in ICU for several days and her oxygen support demand escalated to 24/7. We were advised to undergo a lung transplant but we couldn’t due to the lack of funds and we have been informed that she doesn't have long to live unless she gets a transplant.


Lung transplant is an expensive surgery. My father who is the only earning member in our family of 5 has already put in everything he can but it is still not enough. The total cost of the surgery and hospitalization alone is estimated to be Rs.75 lakh (around 1.08.000$) assuming that the surgery will go smoothly, and more is required to pay for any complications, all the medical expenses and follow-up medical care after receiving a transplant. As the amount is huge, I request you to kindly contribute any little that you can towards her treatment and help during this time of need. We are in desperate need of funds as soon as possible without which my mother's surgery isn’t possible. 


I hope you find it in your hearts to donate and help my mother live. Please click on the donate button and share this with your friends, family, and any groups or organizations that you are a part of.


We will keep informing you about all the developments in her transplant journey as they happen.


We are grateful for your help and wishes.

Thank you!







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