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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.....winner VJ Sunny … congratulations


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38 minutes ago, mustang302 said:

Same categories aaa prathi saari?

Oka angry aka bp fellow,vaadiki idharu chamchalu,cool chayyadaniki oka figure.

Oka  kullu comedian

Oka dance master

Oka crying aunty

Oka karoda aunty

Oka figure , 2 gents fighting for her.

3 game lo banana characters , first 3 week eliminations kosam.



Oka tv9 news reader

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4 hours ago, k2s said:

ee website laa emo gidi list


bigg boss telugu 5 contestants list

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is expected to launch in September 2021. However, the buzz around the potential contestants’ list for Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is taking precedence. After multiple delays in schedule due to Covid-19 restrictions, the production team is leaving no stone unturned for a prompt release.

The fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 will feature sixteen contestants. Like the previous season, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 will feature common contestants to add spice to the diversity in the Bigg Boss house. Though final confirmation is awaited for the contestants’ list, the latest reports suggest the potential participation of these contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants List

ee saari manchi figure lu evarunnaru bro??

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1 minute ago, MRI said:

arey ramu somu jaanu.. randira randi.. nannu em adigaado choodandi.. nenu choostaaaanaa anta.. silly innocent fellow laaga vunnadey.. hahahaha

Baaaga involve aavutavu anamata nri quota lo duraka ppoyava hoouse loki :giggle:

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