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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.....winner VJ Sunny … congratulations


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2 hours ago, argadorn said:

oho.. daani kosama.. simple bro.. meeku unclear antunnaru.. enduku godava chestundo.. meeku telusu kaani aalochinchalsindi entantey.. you get influenced by what the editing team shows.. if they are not showing you the entire picture, you feel confused.. kaadu Sarayu ki clarity ledu antey.. housemates and RJ Kajal ee egiredi mundu..

for me, I understood her problem as RJ Kajal targeting Viswa only.. because Sarayu was supporting Viswa.. verey vaallani asalu attack kooda cheyaledu.. and also she got physical anedi Sarayu argument.. game end ayina ventaney ayina argument lo andi.. if i remember correctly, she also made a comment one time that if you think a woman needs to win, then let her fight fairly and win.. extra elaboration editing lo poyinattundi.. the same was argued by Sreeram Chandra also in the bathroom area.. Ammayilu win avvalani sexism choopinchakandi ani.. RJ Kajal is showing clear sexism.. adi kitchen and some other areas lo Sarayu, Sreeram highlight chesaaru.. not a fan of Sarayu.. but she deserves to be longer than RJ Kajal..


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46 minutes ago, ranku_mogudu said:

RJ Kajal will be safe, sarayu lesipodhi


correct e cheppa.. too much of loud noise.. ear painful undhi.. kaani kallemo chudu chudu antunnayi..ongatledhe

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