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This vaunty ni appatlo all top hero’s nalipesaruuu


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Just now, veerigadu said:

kamal gadu edho cinema lo baga pisikaduuu. I think Indrudu Chandruduuu anukuntaa

Kamal gadu Madhavi aunty Ni kuda piskude pisukudu. Bikini appatlone

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10 minutes ago, Netflixmovieguz said:

Aunty bore ki velindaa ippudu

Ledhu bro. She is suggesting girls to not come into movies. So I was thinking if top hero’s harrased her anthee


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3 hours ago, veerigadu said:


Voorni ee aunty ni pisakataaniki asalu Hero ne avvakkarleedhu. Many small time producers and directors also enjoyed her. So many interviews lo cheppindhi thanu. Chaalu feel avuthundhi ippudu. Chinna role koosam kooda neenu compromise ayyaanu ani. She has been traumatised with that pain. She said that she slept with everyone who came and claimed that they were producers and they could cast her as heroine.

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