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This vaunty ni appatlo all top hero’s nalipesaruuu


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15 minutes ago, Raja_Returns said:

Top hero’s endi 7o’clock blade gadu kuda nalipesadu deeni

Politicians tho panulu kavali ante apatlo blade gadu deeni era laga esevadu ani talk

nee yavva, navva leeka sacha..

yevadu vayya aa Blade gaadu?

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45 minutes ago, chintumintu1 said:

Asalu Vella meda 1 rupee Karachi pedithe 25p kuda radu producers ala dhairyam chestunaru?

😂 ah somg endhi asalu recording dancelo laaga. Vedi cinemalu anni vede producer bro. Ala em ledhu profits eh anni. Cinema motham 3 crores lo avakotesthadu rights anni ammithey easy ga 5-10 c profit. 

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