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On 1/3/2023 at 7:05 PM, kum5758 said:

data engineering role ku python ekada nerchukovali - interview lo gattiga veskuntunnaru python tho

check this thread…discussed this some where in this thread..

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How can Redis be used?
There is more to Redis than just caching.
Redis can be used in a variety of scenarios as shown in the diagram.

We can use Redis to share user session data among different services.

We can use Redis to cache objects or pages, especially for hotspot data.

🔹Distributed lock
We can use a Redis string to acquire locks among distributed services.

We can count how many likes or how many reads for articles.

🔹Rate limiter
We can apply a rate limiter for certain user IPs.

🔹Global ID generator
We can use Redis Int for global ID.

🔹Shopping cart
We can use Redis Hash to represent key-value pairs in a shopping cart.

🔹Calculate user retention
We can use Bitmap to represent the user login daily and calculate user retention.

🔹Message queue
We can use List for a message queue.

We can use ZSet to sort the articles.



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