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Official: Bigg Boss Telugu 7 - 15 weeks

Piracy Raja

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18 minutes ago, vatchesa said:

Areyi enta negativity unna , this is wrong attacking amardeep


Item Ma kke de gallu..Amar, Geethu, Yawar, Bhole, Aswini andari cars glasses broken anta..Geethu and Ashwini filed police case..gatti quoting ichi pampivvali ee chillar gallani

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2 hours ago, islander said:

Enduku avvadu..they been in relationship for long time anukunta ga..Shoba di anna emo anukovavhu, Priyanka is definitely good

Lots of rumblings about their relationship ... Amar's wife was not happy with Priyanka when she came for family visit...also shiv was non-committal for marriage when asked. He kept giving some hints ... 

Lets see. I hope they resolve their issues and get married ... let see ...

Ee Srihan enti Sri satya tho matlatledanta? Interview lo cheppindi .. reason nakem telsu ani annadi ... siri warning ichuntadi srihan ki

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i think...i am done with this BB...my love towards BB is ended..

not because of today who own or loose...

i genuinely like this concept...and believe all these days this will help to understand psychology..

but this show become like a any other star maa show...just for TRP...

- host /BB encourages foul players..

- host/BB encourages TRP pullers...

- too many leaks to house members (from guests and wild cards..etc)

- MOST importantly -  it become PR show off.. (who have bigger PR they can reach any place even though he is unworthy..)


i will try to avoid next seasons....

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