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H1B Stamping Ki Ivi Saripothayaa?

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Nellore Pedda reddy

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[quote name='drewbrees' timestamp='1360452607' post='1303253148']
Here are the list of documents i took

[b]From Employer[/b]
i did amendment -- (so first three are for that)
H1 Doc (I-129) Amendment
H1 Doc (I-797) Amendment
LCA Amendment
H1 Doc (I-129) 1st H1b
H1B I-797 1st H1b
LCA 1st H1B
Pay stubs after H1B start date, good to have
Offer Letter with current salary.
Employer Tax returns -last 3YRS.
Employer letter to Consulate
List of employees , Name and Contact details under our employer.
Contract between Employer and PV.

[b]From Client and Vendor[/b]
Client Letter (My HR gave the visiting card too, i stapled on the top)
Letter from Primary Vendor.

[b]From me:[/b]
2 US passport size photos (one is required)
Pay stubs from previous employers
All W2 forms
Screen shots of meeting scheduled with employer.(Scheduled two meetings in a week with employer)
Status report printout.
Screen shot of our emails.
Address proof documents(Internet Bill)
Bank statements
I20s(I was not having cap gap I20)
Master Degree certificate
Masters Transcript.
B-Tech certificates
Microsoft Certifications

These are documents taken by me to Consulate. [b]Its not necessary that all these docs are needed[/b], but try to have as many as u can.
[/quote] Ammendment ante enti bro ??

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[quote name='wtf' timestamp='1360547358' post='1303256850']
calling...pedda reddy

bhayya mee employer h1b packet lo emi undo cheptanu annav

bhayya...aapice ki poledu ivala.....repu tappakunda estha ee thred lo :)

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[quote name='Nellore Pedda reddy' timestamp='1360553371' post='1303257150']

bhayya...aapice ki poledu ivala.....repu tappakunda estha ee thred lo :)
[/quote] :3D_Smiles_314: post chestha ani hand isthava .. kavalsina info antha gather chesi .. you dont pay it back to the ppl who helped u aah ..

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