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Canada Trv Visa Online Process


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1) Create a Personal Checklist Code by answering the questions in the Come to Canada wizard at http://www.cic.gc.ca...ometocanada.asp. Print the checklist for reference.

2)Apply online at http://www.cic.gc.ca...vices/index.asp after creating a GCKey , and registering with
MyCIC. Enter your Personal Checklist Code when prompted(the one in step1)

3)Fee is $150 for multiple entry and $75 for single entry

4)Once you complete the sign up process...u can see this upload documents screen

5)IM5257 AND IM5645 are the immigration forms whihc u need to download as a pdf ,fill it and click on validate(This will create a barcode at the end of the page) and then upload(no need to sign just fill electronically,Validate and upload)

6)ITERNARY AND Travel--->Check for an iternary to any canadian consulate(city) from ur place on the intended date of travel .take a screenshot and convert into pdf and upload.
(Note: you need not purchase a ticket nor it should be on your name)

7)Proof of Income-Paystub(recent ones 1 or 2 months shud be fine)..agaian scan as pdf and upload...

8)Proof of means of financial support---Bank Statements for last 3-4 months..again scan as single pdf and upload

9)Passport or travel document(scan the pages of ur passport namely the front one ...back one ,visa pages and any entry exit stamp pages)..all as single pdf

10)Digital photo----check for measurements and get a softcopy from CVS and upload as JPEG(35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8" x 1 ¾").)

11)Travel History(entry exit stamp pages in passport as single pdf)

12)Employment refrebnce letter--ur employer letter confirming ur employment with dates of employment and work performed....Note:If u changed more than 2 employers ..then u may need to submit letters form the last 2 employers...incase if u dont have...just submit the current one.

13)Invitation letter...(Write a letter yourself)ceck the format below and sign it.


Oct 7th 2013

To: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Dear Visa Officer,

My name is XXXX and I am a Indian Citizen working in united states on H1B visa. I have been employed at XXXX Services Inc. since xxx and currently earn $xxxx per year. I have attached necessary evidence of employment and other related documents for my Temporary resident visa application

Iam planning to attend my H1B Visa Interview at the UNITED STATES CONSULATE GENERAL-VANCOUVER located at 1075 W PENDER ST VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA V6E 2M6 between XXX 2013 and XXX 30th 2013.

Please feel free to contact me at (XXX) or email me at [email protected] in case of any questions.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the attached visa application.



The "question mark" symbol beside each document upload option has the info of whta type of documents we need to upload...

Remember except ur photo all the documents must be uploaded in PDF format(A Single type of documents as one pdf...example bank statements for all months as one pdf)

once u complete all the upload docs screen...the status chnages to "provided" and a next button will appear whihc is for review and fee payment...here it will ask you to sign electronically and then transmit(submit the application).

After submitting the application print a payment copy for refernce and avg turn around time is 20 days(or more may be) for online application appproval.

Once your application is approved u will get an email from mycic to submit ur passport.A message will be left in ur mycic acount(as a pdf).check the screenshot below

u need to print this pdf(original passport request)and send it in the envelope along with the passport.remember to send a prepaid express mail envelope for ur passport returning(have tracking number enables..which will be easy for tracking).U can send it to NY Consulate or LA consulate.

usually passport return time is 7 days....from the date u submitted via usps....(may take a bit longer)



For LA Consulate


You should be sending two different envelopes to two different addresses.


Envelope 1


You need to mail your VAC fees of $35.59 to a separate party  CSC Counsular Services INC. with only the money order envelope. The money order should be addressed to CSC consular Services INC. Make two copies of this, one for your reference and the other for sending it to LA Visa office (see 2)


CSC Counsular Services INC.

PO Box 410039
Salt Lake City Utah 84141-0039  O


Envelope 2

 Following documents will go in a separate mail to


Canadian Visa Application Centre – Los Angeles
2120 E Grand Avenue Suite 108A
El Segundo
CA, 90245

Copy of the money order
2 copies of VAC consent form 
fedEX or USPS Priority Return label
Acceptance Letter  (Request for passport)
Full contact Information


For NY consulate


Envelope 1 


Payments for Visa Application Centre in New York:
CSC Consular Services Inc
Lockbox 3352
PO Box 8500
Philadelphia, PA 19178-3352


Envelope 2


Canadian Visa Application Centre – New York

290 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017
Copy of the money order
2 copies of VAC consent form 
fedEX or USPS Priority Return label
Acceptance Letter  (Request for passport)
Full contact Information


Good Luck!!!

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