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W2 Returns Good Or Bad Aa


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Question koncham no brainer laaga undhi brother....Manam goods meesa tax kattaddam valla manaki good huh bad huh antey yem answer chesthav....that is the rule. So filling for your taxes is a rule, you need to do it. Chesaka vasthey returns vasthayi lekapothey thirgi nuvvu katalsi vasthaddi. Ledhu, if you do not want to file taxes antey,dhani valla badey jaruguddi. IRS will come after you in fines after 3-4 years for sure. I hope you get it

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Hi Folks,



manam us w2 returns cheyatam valla manaki emi anna good/bad aa in future lo.. please chepandiii kocham 



india ki oka 2-3 years lo vellipothaa inkaa usa raaanu ante meeru w4 EXEMPT ani pettti...zero tax anamata..


so 3 years nee money with zero tax untaayee...then india ki go off

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