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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.....winner VJ Sunny … congratulations


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1 hour ago, kittaya said:

Aunty full experience with dicks bruh.. she knows how to make dance with it and crush it... She knows the power bey

Aunty ni top 5 lo pedutadu Nag mama..

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22 minutes ago, Piracy Raja said:

Sunny Captain Anta

inka veedu PK dialogues kodtada varam anta.

PS: but he deserved the captaincy..papam almost anni weeks kashta padadu.

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6 minutes ago, Spartan said:

emaindi...vere vallaki cheppi eggs 0 chesad ana..

leda someone got eggs.

Jessie gadu understood wrong.. support tesukovadu.. but he took support from Priya..

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1 hour ago, raghuraj said:

ya Hindi mana valani pamputey football adi pampistaru.. mana dantlo antha sentiment drama ekkuva.. 

priya aunty nothing less than a northie....ade strong mentality and saava 10ge personality

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