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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.....winner VJ Sunny … congratulations


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6 minutes ago, raghuraj said:

Jessie gadu understood wrong.. support tesukovadu.. but he took support from Priya..

Nenu ninna ne anukuna dongathanam or spoil cheyali antay ...veedu siri poyi eppudu eggs evvandi tharvtha cheptha antaru enti... 

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23 minutes ago, Spartan said:

emaindi...vere vallaki cheppi eggs 0 chesad ana..

leda someone got eggs.

brathimiladadu kada 

0 unchukondi ani

adi jarigindhi 

ala adigithe evarikaina ardm ayidhiii

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3 minutes ago, dasari4kntr said:


papa thanani support chesaadu ani supporting sunny ...but thanu marchipothunna vishyam entantey 

vetagaadu thanaku anipinchina reason tho nominate cheyyakoodadu...banana gelichina iddaru cheppina reasons lo edhi valid anipisthe adhi cheppi nominate cheyyali...sunny gaadu ego ki poyaadu akkada bakra ayyadu

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