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ఆడి కొడుకొచ్చాడని చెప్పు


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Just now, Sword_KanthaRao said:

Mari telisi telisi dacoit tho enduku petukunaru ?


Lokesh elevation kosama ?

they r opposition inkem chestaru

pattabhi noti dhoola ippudu full ga kummutaru 

babai ki dikkuledhu veellu eppudu realize avutaro 

noru musukuni vuntey tleast brathukutaru


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51 minutes ago, JustChill_Mama said:


chethagani cbn 

aallegations chesinaa medhavulaanu vichaarinchakunda vadilesi state ni ee gathi ki techadu

bramaaraavaati pink diaamond yevaari raajaadhaani list goes on anni vaadilesi ippudu edisthey em use cbn 

learn from devudi paalana


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