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ఆడి కొడుకొచ్చాడని చెప్పు


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1 hour ago, Pulkapresident said:

Jagan anna alage gelichadantaava

Jaggadiki ego hurt ayindi…lopala esinanduku inka kali poindi…ipudu kakapothey inkeppudu ani ardam ayindi…Ade adi gelupu enkala nijam

Mari Lokesham ki kuda ie matram aina siggu sheram ravalante jail lo vesthe e better emo…

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6 hours ago, Mr Mirchi said:

Vadditho chellistha antadenti… vadditho saha chellichela chestha or  kattisthadaaaa :) anali gani

Kurradu Stanford kadha … konchem Telugu lo thappulu dhorluthayi

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3 minutes ago, JustChill_Mama said:

Loki kakapothe potti potato zoo ni anala

zoo na lol

he is no more fat guy

he proved his capacity in movies

loki still needs to prove 

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