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NY Queens mom killed- Affair with handyman for 2 years- he stabbed her 60 times.


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Bonola ended up making a full statement, informing the detectives that his relationship with Gaal had been on and off for two years, according to police. Bonola is said to have further told the detectives that he had seen text messages she exchanged with another man, and had gone to talk to her about that shortly after midnight on Saturday.

They had argued, and police speculate that she took him down into the basement so they would not wake up her 13 year-old son, who was on the top floor. Her husband was out of town with their 17-year-old son, looking at colleges. Attempts by The Daily Beast to reach the husband, Howard Klein, have been unsuccessful this week.

The supervisor added that Bonola confessed to grabbing a knife that was in the house and repeatedly stabbing her. He is said to have told the detectives that he stuffed the body into a hockey bag belonging to one of her sons and then wheeled it off toward the park because he did not want the family to come upon it. The bloody bandages and the blood-stained jacket were later found discarded along a route he would have taken walking on to his home, on the other side of the park.

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  • siva604 changed the title to NY Queens mom killed- Affair with handyman for 2 years- he stabbed her 60 times.
1 minute ago, Raazu said:

60 times podisthe charged under second degree anta .. cops ki buddhi ledha?


country on the route to assam ... not normal assam. I think every tella guy will shift  to Russia in no time ilane jarigithe. 

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19 minutes ago, Tyrannosauraus_Rex said:

Dude what were you expecting? Do you think affairs are meant to last a lifetime?

Such a waste of two lives.

May be he felt used. Affairs are risky and complicated business. If both are not on the same page it could lead to suicides or murders.

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