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Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics interview questions


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7 hours ago, viky said:

I have the note already next?

Explain end to end data loading process .. what is the source destination n what transformation u used what components u used all th way to destination 

How u handled transformations in ir pipeline . 
have u used databricks azure functions etc if so what U did

How do u build dynamic pipelines for reusability

how do u trigger u r pipelines n performance monitoring 



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1 hour ago, futureofandhra said:

explain the architecture of ur project 

some pipeline questions n what r the things u used in pipeline 

how r u refining ur data

did u do migration?

list goes on

nuvu experience chesinava interview Azure lo? inka emayina list unte eyi, online lo anni sodhi vi unayi, real time lo interview lo aelantivi adugutaru ani.

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3 hours ago, SwamyRaRa said:

Baa how to learn these azure? Can you share the learning path and resources for training?

@viky @Sarvapindy @Spartan

youtube, and Microsoft lo spoon fed everything, 

Start with  creating local db on your computer(SQL Server or oracle)  create account, and start practicing, migration to data loading design, youtube lo chala material undhi. use your current scenarios that you face in your work at implement it in Azure oka 6 months lo continius prep tho you can get 80% of knowledge 

special mistake adijust chesko in messaGE


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