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Thoda gottandra - Frisco lo public fight


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Our Men Fight in Public in USA, One Booked

Street fights are nothing new for our men, no matter where they are. A similar fight happened in Texas in the US earlier this week.

The fight was between two Indians, one of them from our own Andhra Pradesh. They fought in full public view on the street, and the Telugu man threatened the fellow Indian with killing him. This threat landed the angry Telugu man in jail. The fight was over a social media post.

They first exchanged verbal abuse, which later turned into fisticuffs. Each of them punched the other's face, causing some injuries to both. There was more verbal abuse between them.

This happened in the Richwood community in Frisco, Texas, where 98 percent of the population is Indian. Interestingly, out of the 98 percent Indian population, the community has 70 percent Telugu people.

A couple of months ago, our people had a fight at a weekend party where two groups clashed with each other. It brings shame to the motherland that they are indulging in caste-based fights, as well as political ones.

One wonders what our people are doing outside!

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5 minutes ago, tennisluvrredux said:

Kikku ra kikku antunna @Dallas_chow_boys @dallas_ear_rings @psyc0pk 

Induku gaadu va TX ante manaki intha prema antunna thatha @raaajaaa 

Full happies antunna @veerigadu

Anna antha manade/manolle anukoni edo friendly gaa fight chesukunna problem ayipothundi gaa?

arey be a roman in rome antaru, atla vunte ilta articles. dallas puram manade gaa

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3 minutes ago, veerigadu said:

Bro...Fights will happen everywhere.. Even in Atlanta and bay area lo kudaaaa aythayiiii. Dont bad mouth Dallas antunna @Thokkalee

Saw the video.. it is a Silly fight.. they started fighting after one guy bumped (intentionally??) into another when walking.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Not sure if they both have some history that caused this.. 

People are getting triggered even for silly things.. 

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