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38 minutes ago, raghuraj said:

Evaru emo anukunna Chiefs won from behind.. guys.. I know hate will be there but my team played good.. 

Ippudu credit QB iddama Taylor Swift ki iddama ....



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We have multiple winners this week. @CricPokChic @former @Rich_fellow123 got 9 points each. Congratulations.

@former is the overall winner in playoffs with 3 weekly wins out of 4. @CricPokChic has 2 weekly wins. 

@former is also winner in playoffs avg wins with 11.5 and @Rich_fellow123 is 2nd with 10.5

Big sorry I could not complete the responsibility with Squares. 

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1 hour ago, Konebhar6 said:

We will talk about offseason anna.

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Yeh sure we can def talk. Its a continuous disco. 

What's your team's off season priority? 

SF - Need our run defense to step up. The new DC scheme we get a lot of turnovers but run D has been bad esp late in the season. Brock seem to throw Interceptions in chunks. Need to avoid that. Hope he will come back with an even strong arm next season. 

We need another good GC. Need Greenlaw to be healthy. We will probably lose J Jennings. Not sure what they would do with Aiyuk. Mostly sign. Deebo is good but injured most of the time. May be they will trade? Cant pay everyone. Or may be they would make another push next yr. They have to pay Brock a year after that.

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