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BCCI contemplates 'special picks' for two new IPL franchises

IPL 2022 will be a ten-team event with two new teams joining the fray.


IPL 2022 will be a ten-team event with two new teams joining the fray

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is contemplating allowing the two new IPL teams to buy a few players outside of the auction. The move, ostensibly, is aimed at ensuring a level-playing field for the new comers as the existing eight IPL franchises are certain to be granted the option of retentions.

Sources within the BCCI and the franchises have indicated that the two teams will be able to pick a few players among those who have enrolled themselves into the auction. The exact mechanism for picking the players is being worked out but unmistakably, the players taken will be the big names and their fee will be decided mutually by the franchise and the player.

The number of 'special picks' has not been decided yet but it is understood to be two or three, but the final number will be decided basing the number of retentions allowed for the eight existing teams. The general impression so far is that the existing franchises could be allowed up to four retentions with three Indians and one foreigner or a maximum of three Indians and a maximum of two foreigners with the total not exceeding four. If four are allowed, it is unlikely there will be any Right to Match (RTM) cards.


Questions to this effect were sent by the existing franchises as well some agencies and the BCCI has replied to them stating that the retention policy will be announced later. Formally, the BCCI is expected to come out with a policy while announcing the two new teams later this month or immediately after that.

Meanwhile, the BCCI has postponed the sale of Invitation to Tender (ITT) by another 10 days, deferring the deadline from October 10 to 20. The apparent reason for the postponement is because of requests from some new parties.

"Pursuant to requests from various interested parties, BCCI has now decided to further extend the date for purchasing the ITT document till October 20, 2021," the BCCI said in a statement on October 13. The BCCI has, however, confirmed that the postponement will not delay the sale of the teams which will be done on October 25.

One of the contentious points for the new parties is the calculation of the net worth of an individual. Many have asked the BCCI how one can arrive at net worth and the BCCI is believed to have told the parties that reputed auditor firms will have to provide the certification of one's financial assets. As has been reported, the BCCI has fixed Rs 2500 crore net worth for an individual wanting to buy a team. Besides, the companies bidding should have a turnover of Rs 3000 crore.

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1 hour ago, Spartan said:

Warner anna kotta team ki potademo

Gilchrist laga oka 2 seasons aadi cup gelpinchi potadu

Yeah Warner and ABD ki full demand vundochu…. Alage maaa Vihari anna ki kooda edo oka team lo chance vaste bagundu 

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25 minutes ago, Sucker said:

4 players ni retain cheskovachu anta kada. Inkem vuntadi bokka. 2 players ange baagundedi. Almost anadru auction ki vache vaallu. Ippudu scrap antha vuntadi new teams ki star attraction vundadhu. 

Not yet confirmed fully these are proposals teams which have strong core don't want to loose them easily..

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